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Self-publishing is not as simple as it may appear, but if you intend to take that road, Barnes Ghostwriting can be a trusted partner. Our expert book production staff has guided thousands of authors through the chaos and tedious work of creating a beautiful, professional book that has the potential to stand out in the market.

Our extensive publishing process will help you have your book published as quickly as possible. We provide personalized publishing services to ensure that our authors are completely satisfied and that the world sees the best version of their work. Furthermore, we assist our clients with publishing on other platforms like Amazon, Kindle, and Scribd, which can help them increase their sales. We make your dreams a reality with our book publishing services.


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Publishing your book on various leading platforms can really help in the improvement of sales. With us, you are just one step away from it!

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We provide skilled writing services to help you get the attention your story deserves. Barnes Ghostwriting has a team of seasoned and skilled writers who have helped thousands of writers achieve their dreams.

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Let others judge your book by its cover.

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Our practical approach and high work standards distinguish us from other book publishing companies. Join us today and see for yourself.

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We provide on-demand print services. And our professionals ensure that we are adhering to the worldwide standard for book publishing services. Through our customizable packages, you can choose the way the book is bound, the quality of the paper, the printing style of the cover, and so much more. With us, your book will look the same in your hands as it did in your imagination.

One-stop Publishing Platform

We handle everything from getting last-minute changes in your manuscript to designing your book cover, custom printing it, and publishing it on all major platforms once you sign up with us. We offer one-stop publishing services, and you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Complete Publishing Solution

Discover the ultimate publishing partner at Barnes Ghostwriting. We transform your ideas into professionally crafted manuscripts, offer meticulous editing, captivating cover design, and expert formatting. Whether you're considering traditional or self-publishing, we provide unwavering support. Let us help you navigate the complex world of publishing and turn your dreams into reality.

Reach your Target Audience

Have you already released your book but not seen the expected sales? With the help of our professional marketing experts, you can achieve your targets more efficiently. We guarantee that we will produce the most result-driven book promotion strategies.

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