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You can't miss if you are an author and looking for the finest ghostwriting services you can’t miss working with Barnes Ghostwriting. From professional and impressive writing to making your book a big hit, we deal with it all. The team working at Barnes Ghostwriting has an impressive record and has served over a thousand customers over the years.

We are a complete package that has always kept our working method updated and creative. With us, you not only experience professionalism but also a fun working journey. However, if you are planning to be the next big author and share your idea with the world, then there is no better option than us.


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Barnes Ghostwriting operates as a one-stop shop. We are professionals in every sector and work tirelessly to ensure that you do not need to go elsewhere and are being provided with the best.

Book Writing

Our experienced ghostwriters transform your imprecise thoughts into content that has the potential to be the next best-seller.

Cover Design

The team of creative designers will help you create the perfect cover for your book, which will help it stand out on the shelf.

Editing and Proofreading

Get your manuscripts edited to the utmost perfection.

Book Publication

If your book is ready, don’t wait any longer and get it published right away.

Book Marketing

Our expert marketers will help you gain the spotlight you deserve.

Book Video Trailer

Increase your sales chances with a book video trailer that communicates your message effectively.

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Our Inclusive Writing Services Covering All Genres

Are you looking for book services for a specific genre? Don’t worry because we have kept you covered by providing services of your desired genre.

Action & Adventure

Our authors are professionals who know how to hold your readers' attention throughout the novel. The plot in the action and adventure genre usually revolves around characters who are on personal adventures; they are off to different geographical locations, and it is only the knowledge of a skilled writer that stops the reader from putting the book down.


Children have a shorter attention span than adults, so our writers and designers work together to make sure that our books are engaging for those of a younger age. The books in this genre are mostly short and can often include illustrations to make them look more appealing. Take your children's books to the next level with Barnes Ghostwriting.


Our professional authors will assist you in creating a complete dictionary. It will have all of the fundamental features of a dictionary and will be appropriate for a variety of applications and age levels. With us, you can be a large supplier of dictionaries while receiving a customer experience that is distinct from your previous interactions with ghostwriting agencies.


Drama is one of the most popular fiction genres. We will meticulously execute a plot for our drama ghostwriting services in which the storyline is catchy and each character is full of emotions and able to connect with the readers. It's a wild ride full of surprises that keep the reader guessing. The themes and storylines are developed per the preferences of our clients.


Books in this genre are generally about tips and tricks for maintaining good physical and mental health. They can also include self-help books, which can serve a variety of purposes. These are mostly written for doctors, nutritionists, mental health professionals, and so on. We have experts who have been educated and have experience in the same field, and they will produce content that exceeds your expectations.


Keeping the reader's attention and immersion in the story requires a certain level of skill, especially in the horror genre. Authors at Barnes Ghostwriting excel at creating tense, dramatic effects that keep readers on the edge of their seats. We will help you produce a work of horror fiction that will no longer be just an idea but the next best-seller on the market.


Romance is undoubtedly the genre of choice for young adults, and our authors are skilled at capturing the attention of this demographic. Our professional writers will give your idea life by developing intriguing fictional characters within a romantic plot. The masterpiece that will be created will undoubtedly be worthy of being displayed on the front shelves.

Science Fiction

We develop the most engaging stories and inspiring characters and keep a distinct flare throughout the novel as a renowned fiction ghostwriting service. We transform your vision with continuous excitement and dedication into an excellent plot. With our broad panel of knowledge, our book writers assist prospective consumers and go above and beyond to suit their needs.


You may be a subject expert and scholar with an idea in your head but lack time to write it down. That is where we can help! Informative ghostwritten content must be well constructed. It should originate from a reliable source of data. We make certain that knowledge is as pure and powerful as possible.

Book Writing

Our Smooth Working Process

We have made a smooth working process which keeps our work in the continuation and provides you with prompt delivery of work.

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Our team first worked on the creation of an outline that includes the chapter's name, and details.


After the outline, we begin with the writing process and share the first draft with you.

& Finalization

After all the work is done and approved from your side, we work on the revision and finalization.

Why Work With Us?

Working with Barnes Ghostwriting means working with a company of professionals who make your author journey easy and exciting.


We have kept our rates affordable so that no author is left behind from getting a successful dream book.


We make sure to follow complete privacy and provide you with your rights and ownership of the book.

Authentic Research

Before we begin with our work, we do thorough research on the topic and then begin writing.


We make your book among the top-selling ones which bring you maximum profit in return.

Qualified Experts

All your work is done by book-writing experts who are serving the industry for years.

Meeting deadlines

The deadline that we give you is never missed by our side. We work dedicatedly on your project.

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We have helped thousands of authors reach their dream heights of success, and they have left us with nothing but good words.

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