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By using our professional ghostwriting services, you can use your ideas to create compelling text and tell your story to leave a lasting impression on the literary world.


Become The Next Best-Selling Author with Our Professional Book Writing Services

Barnes's Ghostwriting has helped thousands of people establish themselves as recognized writers over a decade. Our crew adheres to a strict work ethic in order to accomplish your assignments on time. We will assist you with delivering your unique story in the form of a book while ensuring that there are no gaps. Our experienced book authors are well-versed and competent in a wide range of disciplines.

With our professional ghostwriting services, we are committed to delivering flawless results that will quickly convert your idea into a best-selling novel.


Our Comprehensive Ghostwriting Services Include

Barnes Ghostwriting serves as a one-stop shop for authors. We provide all services, including writing, editing, publishing, and promotion, so you don't have to look elsewhere.

  • Researching and crafting the outline based on your idea
  • Critical review and analysis of your manuscript
  • Editing, proofreading, and reviewing
  • Professional book consultation
  • Formatting, typesetting, and designing your book
  • Publishing, marketing, and promotion of your novel

Our Comprehensive and
Streamlined Book Writing Process

Our team has created a proper work environment to ensure your dependability and faith in us. Our comprehensive six-step process will take care of everything!


Place an Order

Once you have completed our website's sign-up form, our customer support team will contact you right away.


Draft and Research Outline

We will conduct an in-depth examination of the topic and genre of your book, and we will communicate with you throughout the process. This is to ensure that we understand and are as enthusiastic about your book as you are.


Initial Delivery

The first draft will be sent to you for approval, and our team will be open to suggestions and reviews.


Editing and Proofreading

Once the written content has been approved, our editors and proofreaders will check that no errors or blunders remain.


Formatting and Design

We will format and make final modifications to your work once the document has been edited. Following that, your book's cover will be designed to perfection.


Publishing and Promotion

When your book is ready for the world to see, we won't wait any longer and will publish it immediately for the appropriate target audience.

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The Imposing Portfolio

How do we make a difference?

Barnes Ghostwriting writers have the ability, expertise, and understanding to create an artistic book that will stand out among your audience and become the next best-seller.

  • Book publishing
  • Critical reviewing of your draft
  • Self-publishing service
  • Publishing consultancy
  • Drafting your manuscript
  • Thorough research on your book
  • Video book trailers
  • Literary agency consultation
  • Book marketing
  • Proofreading to ensure no errors
  • Typesetting and formatting
  • Book cover designs and illustrations

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